Alfalfa Desert master Premium Quality Seeds

183.00 AED

Alfalfa Desert master Seeds are mostly used for sprouting. They have fresh and crunchy flavours. One of the most important characteristics of alfalfa is its high nutritional quality. Alfalfa contains between 15 to 22% crude protein as well as high amounts of 10 different vitamins. Alfalfa can be a very productive crop with high levels of biomass accumulation. AlfaAlfa Desert Master Seeds are used mostly for sprouting. They have a fresh and crunchy flavour, a bit like that of lettuce, and can be used in a similar manner to cress. These are easy to grow in a   germinator jar.

  • Germination 96%
  • Purity 98%
  • Expiry: 3 years from packing date
  • Quantity: 1000 Grams
  • Really easy to sprout.
  • Add sprouts to savoury dishes as part of a healthy diet.
  • Organic produce.


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