Campsis Radicans, Trumpet Vine

60.00 AED

Bignonia radicans, Campsis radicans, Cow Vine, Devil’s Shoestring, Foxglove Vine, Hellvine, Tecoma radicans, Trumpet Climber, Trumpet Creeper, Trumpet Honeysuckle, Trumpet vine, Virginian Trumpet Flower

Deciduous vine with a climbing habit has glossy, green leaflets. Radiant, scarlet, trumpet-shaped flower clusters bloom in summer and fall. Can be used as a ground cover, espalier, in containers or as a screen. Campsis radicans is a vigorous, climber with ovate, pinnate, dark green leaves, 2.5-10cm long, composed of 7-11 toothed, ovate leaflets. Bears terminal cymes of 4-12 slender, tubular-trumpet-shaped, orange to red flowers. Height 10m or more. Native to S.E. USA.


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