Cestrum nocturnum, Night Queen, Night-blooming jasmine

45.00 AED

Cestrum nocturnum, Lady of the Night, Night Blooming Jessamine, Night Jasmine, Night Jessamine, Night queen, Night-blooming jasmine, Night-scented Jessamine, Queen of the Night

50 – 80cm overall height

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Cestrum nocturnum or Night Queen is An evergreen shrub with night-blooming white flower clusters. As the flowers open in the evening, a lovely, bold fragrance is emitted. Likes constantly moist soil and full sun. Can tolerate some shade. Cestrum Nocturnum’s glossy green leaves form a moderately dense evergreen shrub. When the weather warms, the vine-like stems produce large clusters of small, greenish blooms that open at night with their heavenly fragrance.


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