China Doll Plant

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Bushy and beautiful, our China doll for delivery adds a touch of class to any room. It’s technically a small, fast-growing tree. Because it has multiple stems and fine foliage, its canopy looks seriously lush. Give it the right conditions and you’ll be rewarded as it is lush and fast-growing and easily one of the most popular indoor plants because of its split delicate leaves and glossy foliage. It thrives in indirect light so it would be a perfect addition to any room in your house. The China Doll makes an excellent houseplant in bright but indirect light. Keep the soil evenly moist, not wet or dry, and always grow the plant in a pot with holes for drainage. Keep out of hot or cold drafts indo
China doll plant is a fairly new houseplant that has become very popular and widely available. This plant is like a tree, with attractive, glossy, mid-green leaves divided into leaflets. This plant remains fairly compact and’s easy to look after.

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