Ficus Amstel Queen

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Ficus Queen is an evergreen tree. The flowers bloom in spring and are followed by small fruit that may be green or yellow maturing to red. The simple dark green leaves of the beautiful Amstel Queen are glossy and attractive. Ficus Amstel Queen (Long Leaf Fig) has cream, pink and green leaves.  Ficus Amstel Queen has long, banana-shaped leaves. The large, leathery, fast-growing foliage has a lush tropical appeal. This plant has similar growth habits to Ficus Alli but has much wider, thicker, and somewhat larger leaves. During active growth periods, growth tips are a very pronounced pink to red that contrasts beautifully against the broad, shiny leaves.
These easy-going house plants are very simple to care for as long as you don’t overwater them and they get enough light. Only water once the compost has fully dried out. They benefit from the leaves getting an occasional wash with a damp sponge and increased humidity from misting.

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