Fig Tree, Ficus Carica, شجرة التين

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Max Height: 3m Spread: 4m

Origin: W. Asia, E. Mediterranean Family: Moraceae

Common Name: Common Fig Drought Tolerance: High

Salinity Tolerance: Medium Sun Tolerance: Medium

Wind Tolerance: High Water Requirement: Low

PH Level: Basic Pest Tolerance: Medium

Disease Tolerance: Medium Growth Rate: Fast Fragrance: No

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Ficus carica or Fig Tree (شجرة التين) is deciduous tree or large shrub with a spreading head and rounded, 3- to 5-lobed leaves, 10-24cm long, heart-shaped at the bases. Pear-shaped receptacles develop into single fruit, to 10cm long, green when young, maturing to dark green, purple, or dark brown.

Common fig, Ficus carica, Fig Tree, fruit trees, شجرة التين

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