Lettuce Seeds

9.00 AED

Lettuce is a modern variety with a short crown. Harvesting and cleaning are easy. one cut releases all the leaves. This will encourage thickly developed plants. For head types, space rows 18 inches apart, plants 8-10 inches apart. Closer spacing results in smaller heads, which may be preferable for small families.

Lettuce Seeds have loosely folded center leaves form a high-quality heart of sweet, crisp, tender ribs. The dark green, thick outer leaves make an attractive Bibb type. It is quite vigorous, yet stands well in all seasons. Not mosaic tested. Lettuce has been a favorite of home gardeners and fresh market growers.

  • Lettuce can be grown practically anywhere.  For leaf types seed should be sown thinly in rows 1 foot apart.
  • Germination lighting: Light required
  • Germination days: 6 – 10 days
  • Maturation days: 64 days


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