Lucky Bamboo “Per Stick” الخيزران محظوظا Indoor Bamboo Plants Sticks, Water indoor Bamboo

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70 – 90cm
Dracaena sanderiana normally adopts the common name Lucky Bamboo when sold. Lucky Bamboo plants have stems that come in many different shapes and sizes.

You can normally find these plants grown in water in very unique and fashionable pots and display stands, as well as the canes being interesting themselves, sometimes curly or having bends to create unusual shapes.
Like most plants belonging to the Dracaena family, light shade is best. If there is too much or not enough light can cause suffer to leaves.
If growing Lucky Bamboo in water, then the roots should be submerged at all times and you will need to change the water every couple of weeks to prevent it going stagnate.
Ensure you don’t use tap water over a continuous period and instead try to use either bottled mineral water, a home water filter or freshly collected rain water when possible and feasible to do so.
If you’ve decided to grow your plant in water permanently then it should still last a few years in your home or workplace, providing you change the water every couple of weeks.

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