Watermelon Peperomia, Peperomia Argyreia

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25 – 35cm Spread

The Peperomia Argyreia, more commonly known as the Watermelon Begonia, is a very fresh and eye-catching indoor plant. The plants watermelon-esque leaves lend themselves to the common name of the plant and, on top of that, make the plant very unique when compared to the vast majority of other indoor plants out there. Each leaf is a shade of dark green, a very pale, mint green with deep red stalks below. The plant will also purify the air, removing harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins around it.

Most of the Peperomias are easy enough to grow indoors in containers. Humidity and light are important. Windowsills and conservatories are ideal places to display this plant. Light is an important while finding a spot indoors to grow a Water melon Peperomia.

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